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The same people who calibrate doctor’s hearing tests machines test the Hearing Booth to ensure its accuracy.  The tones that are tested are hand crafted and test well above standards required. It’s calibrated yearly as needed.

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Easy to Use

The Hearing Booth uses a touchscreen and asks you simply to press a button when you hear a presented ‘beep’ tone.  Results are calculated automatically.

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Save Money

Our innovative process allows you to save hundreds or thousands on properly fit hearing devices.

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The Hearing Booth was created to answer common questions about your hearing.

  • How clear is my hearing?

  • Why can’t I hear well in noise?

  • Should I be hearing better?

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Noise is the biggest reason for hearing loss today.  

Not age.  

Rethink your hearing.


We know you can hear, but really,

how clear is it?

Fully Customized, Digital Hearing Solutions

Super Powerful, Easy to Use, Discreet Solutions

Hearing devices today are nothing like even 5 years ago.  They all have the world’s smallest microprocessors that automatically calculate what sounds you don’t hear properly and apply just the right amount of volume to give you clearer hearing.  They are designed for people who hear, but don’t hear clearly.
  • Invisible solutions available.

  • Automatic noise control and filtering.

  • Many technology levels for any lifestyle and budget.

  • 100% free 45 day trial periods.

  • Wireless connectivity for bluetooth devices.

  • Lifelong support included.

  • Rechargeable solutions available.

  • 100% digital and fully programmable.

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New! Made for iPhone/Android Hearing Solutions
  • Stream iPhone/iPod/iPad calls, music, and more through your devices wirelessly.
  • Innovative design is comfortable and fits all types of hearing loss.
  • State-of-the-art computer processing delivers pristine sound and clarity in noise.
  • Use the TruLink app to control your hearing devices sound via iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android compatible device.

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Partners & Testimonials

Linked to an established practice that’s helped over 1,000 people.

  • I was having a problem with my left hearing aid. Called and set up an appointment at my convenience. Chris Michels is such a caring person, always the politest and most concerned professional I’ve ever dealt with. The results were the same as always, Chris took care of my problem in no time at all. They have the best hearing specialists in the business!!! They give you the RESULTS your looking for every time!!!
    Barry Brandon
    happy patient
    Ron Estock
    happy patient
  • My situation is unique and my loss very complicated, however, they worked with me to find ways and equipment to afford me to best outcome. I would highly recommend this center for any hearing issue.
    E. Kent
    happy patient



Our Skills & Services

Who We Are & What We Do

What we are good at

We can do a lot for you and your hearing.
Comprehensive Hearing Tests 100%
Hearing Aid Fittings 100%
Counseling 100%
Regular Follow-Up Care 100%
Hearing Test

We provide complimentary full hearing tests to completely evaluate the full capacity of your hearing loss and needs.  We are licensed hearing professionals who are trained solely in improving the quality of your hearing.

  • Courtesy visual ear inspections: hearing loss may just be wax buildup!

  • Courtesy hearing consultations.

  • Free 45 day device trials.

  • Hearing correction demonstrations.

  • Courtesy device recommendations and counseling.

These devices are the most state-of-the-art in cutting age hearing science.  We represent the largest hearing labs on the planet and have access to the newest technology as soon as it’s available.  Hearing devices are 100% digital and fully programmable.
  • The longer you wait, the harder it is to restore your hearing.

  • Hearing loss is NOT just age related anymore.

  • Early correction for your hearing ensures greater satisfaction.

  • Save hundreds to thousands on the world’s greatest hearing devices with us only.

  • Automatic noise control.

  • Rechargeable devices available.

  • Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Unbelievably comfortable.

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To ensure your prolonged happiness with your hearing devices, we will maintain our relationship with you to keep everything in check.  All devices come with courtesy services for the life of your devices’ warranty.

  • 6 month or 1 year follow-ups.

  • Yearly retests.

  • Free hearing device clean and checks.

  • Newsletters and online content to keep you informed and up-to-date with latest changes.

  • Dedicated phone support.

  • Online resources in your free account.

  • Courtesy device re-programmings.

  • Updated services with a personal touch.

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The Hearing Booth

The Hearing Booth is the first of its kind.  No one else tried it, no one else has it.

This type of innovation, powered with future services provided by The Hearing Curve and your local provider will ensure your success in hearing improvement.

The biggest reason why people do not seek hearing help today is cost.  We understand this and believe that if we empower you with the proper tools to lower our costs, then we can offer the same hearing devices the other people do at a considerable discount.

The longer you wait to improve your hearing, the harder it is to bring back.  Visit the Hearing Booth and start your journey to better hearing today!

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